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Martín Plot (ed.): Claude Lefort: Thinker of the political

Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2013, 264 pp, $90.00, ISBN: 978-0230375574
  • Dan DiPiero

Released 3 years after the death of political philosopher Claude Lefort and contributing to the rectification of a “notoriously slow”1 release of English translations and secondary material regarding Lefort’s work, Claude Lefort: Thinker of the Political aims to both outline Lefort’s oeuvre, as well as to explore potential impacts of this thought on contemporary and future debates. Comprising essays written by Lefort’s closest contemporaries, it is difficult to imagine a book that is more relevantly assembled; the contributors are not only some of the foremost experts on Lefort’s work, but many also knew him personally. This combination of social and theoretical familiarity contributes a type of intimacy to the book that goes beyond admiration for Lefort (although this is present), and is but one way in which the collection embodies a position of multiplicity. Even setting aside content, where the form is concerned, the book enacts a Lefortian (or perhaps Merleau-Pontian) notion:...

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