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, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp 607–611 | Cite as

Roberto Esposito: Termini della Politica. Comunità, Immunità, Biopolitica

Mimesis Edizioni, 2008, 193 pages, ISBN-13: 9788884836373, 16,00 €
  • Roberto Nigro

Esposito’s latest work is a compilation of articles published in various journals over the last 10 years. Some of them appear here for the first time. The book is a useful introduction to his work. Composed of three main parts, it accounts for the major issues of his thought. As Timothy Campbell sketches out in his long and insightful introduction to the volume, Esposito has been engaged in an in-depth analysis of the most significant political and philosophical categories for more than 20 years. In his major works he has explored the notions of community (Communitas. Origin and Destiny of Community, Einaudi, Torino: 1998, forthcoming, Stanford 2009), immunity (Immunitas. Protection and Negation of Life, Einaudi, Torino: 2002), and biopolitics (Bios. Biopolitics and Philosophy, Einaudi, Torino: 2004, forthcoming, University of Minnesota 2008).

In Termini della politica, Esposito condenses to a few pages what is at issue in his main works. The book also gives evidence of the final...

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