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The Lappo-Danilevskii method and trivial intersections of radicals in lower central series terms for certain fundamental groups

  • V. P. Leksin


In this paper, it is proved that the intersection of the radicals of nilpotent residues for the generalized pure braid group corresponding to an irreducible finite Coxeter group or an irreducible imprimitive finite complex reflection group is always trivial. The proof uses the solvability of the Riemann—Hilbert problem for analytic families of faithful linear representations by the Lappo-Danilevskii method. Generalized Burau representations are defined for the generalized braid groups corresponding to finite complex reflection groups whose Dynkin—Cohen graphs are trees. The Fuchsian connections for which the monodromy representations are equivalent to the restrictions of generalized Burau representations to pure braid groups are described. The question about the faithfulness of generalized Burau representations and their restrictions to pure braid groups is posed.

Key words

Burau representation pure braid group finite Coxeter group finite complex reflection group linear representation lower central series fundamental group Hecke algebra 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. P. Leksin
    • 1
  1. 1.Kolomna State Pedagogical UniversityKolomna (Moscow region)

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