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The very good property for parabolic vector bundles over curves



The purpose of this note is to extend Beilinson and Drinfeld’s “very good” property to moduli stacks of parabolic vector bundles on curves of genuses \(g = 0\) and \(g = 1\). Beilinson and Drinfeld show that for \(g > 1\) a trivial parabolic structure is sufficient for the moduli stacks to be “very good.” We give a sufficient condition on the parabolic structure for this property to hold in the case of nontrivial parabolic structure.


Moduli stacks Vector bundles Parabolic bundles Very good property 

Mathematics Subject Classification

14D20 14D23 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUSC DornsifeLos AngelesUSA

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