Letters in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 106, Issue 10, pp 1317–1343 | Cite as

Spectra of Semi-Infinite Quantum Graph Tubes

  • Stephen P. Shipman
  • Jeremy Tillay


The spectrum of a semi-infinite quantum graph tube with square period cells is analyzed. The structure is obtained by rolling up a doubly periodic quantum graph into a tube along a period vector and then retaining only a semi-infinite half of the tube. The eigenfunctions associated to the spectrum of the half-tube involve all Floquet modes of the full tube. This requires solving the complex dispersion relation \({D(\lambda,k_1,k_2)=0}\) with \({(k_1,k_2)\in(\mathbb{C}/2\pi\mathbb{Z})^2}\) subject to the constraint \({a k_1 + b k_2 \equiv 0}\) (mod \({2\pi}\)), where a and b are integers. The number of Floquet modes for a given \({\lambda\in\mathbb{R}}\)  is  \({2\max\left\{ a, b \right\}}\). Rightward and leftward modes are determined according to an indefinite energy flux form. The spectrum may contain eigenvalues that depend on the boundary conditions, and some eigenvalues may be embedded in the continuous spectrum.


quantum graph spectrum Floquet modes embedded eigenvalue nanotube complex dispersion relation 

Mathematics Subject Classification

34A33 34B09 34B45 34B60 34L10 34L25 47A75 47B25 81U30 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsLouisiana State UniversityBaton RougeUSA
  2. 2.Department of Computational and Applied MathematicsRice UniversityHoustonUSA

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