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Non-Commutative Rational Yang–Baxter Maps

  • Adam Doliwa
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Starting from multidimensional consistency of non-commutative lattice-modified Gel’fand–Dikii systems, we present the corresponding solutions of the functional (set-theoretic) Yang–Baxter equation, which are non-commutative versions of the maps arising from geometric crystals. Our approach works under additional condition of centrality of certain products of non-commuting variables. Then we apply such a restriction on the level of the Gel’fand–Dikii systems what allows to obtain non-autonomous (but with central non-autonomous factors) versions of the equations. In particular, we recover known non-commutative version of Hirota’s lattice sine-Gordon equation, and we present an integrable non-commutative and non-autonomous lattice modified Boussinesq equation.

Mathematics Subject Classification (1991)

37K10 37K60 16T25 39A14 14E07 


non-commutative integrable difference equations functional Yang–Baxter equation non-commutative rational maps non-autonomous lattice Gel’fand–Dikii systems multidimensional consistency 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of MathematicsPolish Academy of SciencesWarsawPoland
  2. 2.Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of Warmia and Mazury in OlsztynOlsztynPoland

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