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, Volume 86, Issue 2–3, pp 159–175 | Cite as

Cohomology of \({\mathcal {K}(2)}\) Acting on Linear Differential Operators on the Superspace \({\mathbb{R}^{1|2}}\)

  • Nizar Ben FrajEmail author


We compute the first differential cohomology of the Lie superalgebra \({\mathcal{K}(2)}\) of contact vector fields on the (1, 2)-dimensional real superspace with coefficients in the superspace of linear differential operators between the superspaces of weighted densities—a superisation of a result by Feigin and Fuchs. We give explicit expressions of 1-cocycles generating these spaces.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)



cohomology superalgebra 


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  1. 1.Institut Supérieur de Sciences Appliquées et TechnologieSousseTunisia

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