Letters in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 175–192 | Cite as

Simple Non-Linear Klein–Gordon Equations in Two Space Dimensions, with Long-Range Scattering

  • Erik Taflin


We establish that solutions, to the most simple non-linear Klein–Gordon (NLKG) equations in two space dimensions with mass resonance, exhibits long-range scattering phenomena. Modified wave operators and solutions are constructed for these equations. We also show that the modified wave operators can be chosen such that they linearize the non-linear representation of the Poincaré group defined by the NLKG.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

35L70 35Q75 35P25 74J20 


non-linear representations non-linear Klein-Gordon equations long range scattering normal forms 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.EISTIEcole International des Sciences du Traitement de l’InformationCergyFrance

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