Materials Science

, Volume 48, Issue 5, pp 628–635 | Cite as

Specific kinetic features of nitriding of titanium caused by phase-structural transformations

  • Ya. S. Matychak

We model analytically the high-temperature (T = 1000°С) nitriding of titanium. The role of nitrogen as an α-stabilizer in the formation of a three-layer diffusion zone is analyzed. The problem of nitrogen diffusion in this inhomogeneous medium is solved with regard for the motion of interfaces. We calculate constants of the parabolic growth of layers, which enables us to predict the distribution of nitrogen in the diffusion zone. The evolution (after holding for 1 and 5 h) of the microstructure of a diffusion layer caused by structural-phase transformation during hydrogen diffusion is detected.


diffusion modeling kinetics titanium evolution of microstructure 


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  1. 1.Karpenko Physicomechanical InstituteUkrainian National Academy of SciencesLvivUkraine

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