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, Volume 47, Issue 3, pp 363–369 | Cite as

Formation of strain-induced martensite in chromium–nickel steels of the austenitic class

  • H. V. Snizhnoi

We investigate the formation of the first portions of strain-induced martensite in plastic uniaxial compression of 12Kh18N10T and 12Kh18N9T steels in which δ-ferrite is absent and present, respectively, in the initial state. The true deformation martensitic points ε s are experimentally determined. It is established that, in 12Kh18N10T steel, there exist one-phase (A) and two-phase (A + M) states for ε < ε s and ε > ε s , respectively, whereas, in 12Kh18N9T steel, there exist two-phase (A + F) and three-phase (A + F + M) states for ε < ε s and ε > ε s , respectively. The effect of increase in the magnetization of paramagnetic austenite before the formation of strain-induced martensite is detected.


magnetic susceptibility austenite deformation strain-induced martensite true deformation martensitic point 


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  1. 1.Zaporizhzhya State Technical UniversityZaporizhzhyaUkraine

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