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Stress intensity factors for cracks at the vertex of a rounded V-notch

  • A. Kazberuk

The method of singular integral equations was applied to determine the stress intensity factors for a system of cracks emanating from the vertex of an infinite rounded V-notch subjected to symmetric loading. The numerical values were obtained for two cases—the case of a single crack and the case of a system of two cracks of equal length. The influence of the rounding radius of the vertex of the notch and its opening angle on the stress intensity factors at the crack tips was analyzed. The solution obtained as a result has a general nature—the stress intensity factors at the crack tip are expressed as a function of the V-notch stress intensity factor and, hence, this solution could be treated as an asymptotic relation for finite bodies with deep V-notches subjected to symmetric loads.


fracture mechanics stress intensity factor sharp and rounded V-notches cracks integral equations 


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  1. 1.Białystok Technical UniversityBiałystokPoland

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