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Claus Prodehl and Walter D. Mooney: Exploring the earth’s crust: history and results of controlled-source seismology

GSA Memoir 208
  • Ralph A. Stephen
Book review

Prodehl and Mooney have done an impressive service to the community in providing this compendium of controlled-source seismic studies of the earth’s crust carried out to 2005. It is a remarkable piece of work. The book will be a valuable resource for students and researches in earth sciences for many years to come.

The chapter on the “History of controlled-source seismology” provides an excellent introduction to the data sets and experiments that are discussed in the remainder of the book. It is strange that for such a large book there is no index and, as a result, it is awkward to find material of interest. Consequently this chapter is especially necessary.

The chapter on “The first 100 years (1845–1945)” does for controlled-source seismology what Love’s (1927) “Historical Introduction” did for the theory of elasticity and Dewey and Byerly (1969) did for seismometry. Given the importance and ubiquity of the term “Mohorovičić Discontinuity” it would be interesting to know who first...


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