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Amy J. Heineke: Restrictive Language Policy in Practice: English Learners in Arizona

Multilingual Matters, Bristol, 2016, v + 226 pp, Hb $140, ISBN 978178309641
  • Elizabeth Tso
Book Review

Language policy and planning (LPP) is increasingly characterized by complex decisions and interpretations about the use of languages within society. These decisions, made by institutions and individuals interconnected and nested across micro-, meso-, and macro- levels of society, reflect numerous orientations towards language (cf. Hult and Hornberger 2016). Resulting from the interplay of multiple social actors and ideologies, it proves challenging to build a holistic picture of how the diverse layers and players within a particular context interact with, and among, one another.

In Restrictive Language Policy in Practice: English Learners in Arizona, Heineke provides a holistic view of various perspectives, experiences, and implementation decisions representative of the many stakeholders involved in Arizona’s intricate language-in-education policymaking context. Findings from her study create a comprehensive understanding of both top-down and bottom-up strategies and approaches to...


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