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Christine Hélot and Jürgen Erfurt (eds.): L’Education bilingue en France: Politiques linguistiques, modèles et pratiques

Lambert-Lucas, Strasbourg, 2016, 658 pp, Pb €27, ISBN 9782359351750
  • Bernard Spolsky
Book Review

Claiming as authorities the Ordonnance de Villers-Cotterêts of 1539, the Jacobin decree of 1793, and the amendment to the Constitution of 1992 followed by the Toubon law of 1994, the state policy of French language hegemony was further supported by numbers of laws and regulations implemented by the Académie française and numerous government committees and agencies. In spite of this, languages other than French survived in the periphery and in the colonies, available to be rescued from extinction when the pressure of human rights activism encouraged the recognition of the value of bilingualism shown first in the Deixonne law of 1951. This large collection of 25 studies, edited by a professor of English at Strasbourg and a professor of Romance linguistics at Frankfurt, presents results of this recognition of diversity since the 1980s. It covers the development of bilingual education in overseas colonies and their successor states, in the peripheral regions whose languages were once...

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