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Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Suvi Kivelä, and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas: Revitalising Indigenous Languages: How to Recreate a Lost Generation

Multilingual Matters, Bristol, UK, 2013, vii + 251 pp, $49.95, €39.95, £29.95, ISBN: 978-1-84769-887-2
  • Mel M. Engman
Book Review

Olthuis, Kivelä, and Skutnabb-Kangas’ book Revitalising Indigenous languages: How to create a lost generation presents a comprehensive account of a one-time, one-year program aimed at revitalizing a single Indigenous language, Aanaar Saami (AS), in what is now Finland. The Complementary Aanaar Saami Language Education (CASLE) program recognized the need for “new language transmitters” to join its community of speakers, thus creating new AS users among adults aged 26–54 years. The alternating voices of authors reveal the struggles and triumphs that shaped the CASLE project locally, while tying it to the larger ideological issues of colonialism and globalization. Though Skutnabb-Kangas’ final chapter avoids specific recommendations, the transparency of project decisions and the hopeful tone of much of the prose make this book an asset to language activists in nearly any Indigenous context, particularly those involved with adult learner oriented projects.

The book is organized into seven...

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