Peptides in Oral and Dental Research

  • Neil O’Brien-Simpson

The ability to chemically produce peptides using solid phase techniques has led to an explosion in research activity in a number of fields and has brought peptide chemistry to the forefront of many medical applications. This extensive adoption and application of synthetic peptides was highlighted in the recent Bruce Merrifield Commemorative Issue (International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics, 2007, vol. 13(1–2)). However, the use of synthetic peptides in oral and dental research field is relatively new. These areas are poised to expand rapidly due, in part, to the application of genomic and proteomic techniques to oral tissues and pathogens and the ability to reliably grow in batch and continuous culture a number of oral bacterial pathogens. This special issue brings together a collection of review and research articles that sets out to show how synthetic peptides are being used in this expanding research field and also the challenges faced by the peptide chemist in...

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