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Educating a new generation of landscape ecologists

M. G. Turner and R. H. Gardner: Landscape ecology in theory and practice: pattern and process. Springer, New York, USA, 2015, 482 pp
  • Jean Paul Metzger
Book Review

Some few decades ago, landscape ecology was considered a juvenile and immature discipline, navigating multiple (and sometimes, contradictory) definitions, criticized for not having a strong and general theoretical framework, and thus of being ineffective to predict the future of landscapes and their species. Nowadays, the situation has changed, as we can see with the second edition of the book “Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice”, written by Monica Turner and Robert Gardner.

Despite all theoretical uncertainties and difficulties with definitions, the field of landscape ecology grew quickly since the 1980s, when the first textbooks on landscape ecology were published (Naveh and Lieberman 1984; Forman and Godron 1986), and some seminal papers appeared and pioneer meetings occurred (Risser et al. 1984). Since then, the number of manuscripts published annually with the term “landscape AND ecology” jumped from about 30–80 in 1980 to 1500–1600 in the last years, as observed in the...


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