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Farmland conservation interventions: how to separate the wheat from the chaff

L. V. Dicks, J. E. Ashpole, J. Dänhardt, K. James, A. Jönsson, N. Randall, D. A. Showler, R. K. Smith, S. Turnpie, D. Williams and W. J. Sutherland: Farmland Conservation: Evidence for the effects of interventions on northern and western Europe. Pelagic Publishing, Exeter, UK, 2014, 466 pp., 23.4 cm. Hardback, ISBN 978-1-907-807-17-6, £74.99; Paperback, ISBN 978-1-907-807-17-9, £34.99; PDF, ISBN 978-1-78427-032-2, £0 (
  • Johan Ekroos
Book Review

Since the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the negative relationship between biodiversity and intensive farming practices has remained a major cause of concern. Today, agri-environment schemes (AES) provide the main policy tool for mitigating farmland biodiversity declines within the European Union. A seminal paper by Kleijn and Sutherland (2003) revealed that a large proportion of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of AES were inadequate to demonstrate actual biodiversity benefits. At the time the paper was a strong “shout-out” to ecologists to perform field experiments that account for various confounding factors. Roughly five years later, research efforts on the farmland biodiversity effects of AES had increased almost by an order of magnitude.

The book Farmland Conservation: Evidence for the effects of interventions on northern and western Europerepresents the most concise compilation of the evidence base on the effectiveness of farmland conservation measures to...


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