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Environmental assessment process has matured, but for whom?

R. Slootweg, A. Rajvanshi, V. B. Mathur, and A. Kolhoff: Biodiversity in environmental assessment – enhancing ecosystem services for human well-being. Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, USA, 2010, 437 pp., illus. 24 cm. Cloth, ISBN 078-521-88871-7, US$120.00; Paper, ISBN 078-521-71655-0, US$60.00
  • Mohan K. Wali
Book Review

The last 60 years have coincided with some of the most remarkable and unprecedented changes produced by human society. These have included phenomenal advances in technology, material comforts and health care; the myriad ways in which natural resources have been transformed, some irrevocably. Along the way, the devastation of large areas of terrestrial and ocean systems has been unprecedented. It was to assess the extent of such damage and propose mitigative measures in advance of an economic development that the environmental impact statements/assessments were born in the United States 40 years ago.

The book in review here addresses environmental impact assessment for the avoidance of these issues such that the ecosystem services for human well-being are enhanced. Its title begins with biological diversity the concept which encompasses the plurality of all ecological processes that govern and shape ecosystem function and structure in space and in time to produce an astounding number of...


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