Analysis of entropy production and activation energy in hydromagnetic rotating flow of nanoliquid with velocity slip and convective conditions


This article investigates entropy production in three-dimensional hydromagnetic rotating flow of nanoliquid with binary chemical mechanism and activation energy impacts. Brownian dispersion and thermophoresis effects are taken into account. Bejan number and entropy production are analyzed through the existence of porous medium, viscous dissipation, magnetic field, thermal radiation and heat source/sink. Velocity slip, convective heat and mass conditions are imposed at the boundary. The nonlinear equations are developed through transformation scheme. Shooting method is utilized to generate the solutions of resulting nonlinear expressions. Salient behaviors of several pertinent variables on velocities, nanoconcentration, entropy production, Bejan number and temperature distributions are examined graphically. Further surface drag forces, heat and mass transfer rates are graphically analyzed via different flow variables. It is observed that heat transfer rate significantly enhances for the higher values of thermal Biot number while an opposite behavior is noted against higher thermophoresis parameter.

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