Solar chimney power plant and its correlation with ambient wind effect


The use of solar energy in the present era is necessary and important as well. Solar chimney technology for power generation is one of the solar energy harvesting techniques where the direct and dispersed solar radiations are absorbed in the solar chimney power plant. The effectiveness of solar chimneys has been proven for power generation, and it is a promising approach to future energy generation plans. This article provides a comprehensive scenario of the research and development of solar energy technology as well as the history of solar chimneys in the last few decades. It describes the state of empirical and theoretical studies and the physical processes for this commonly used technology. Finally, this paper presents some avenues to cover the practical required approaches for solar chimney power generation plant. In this study, the numerical investigation is also considered to study the stack configuration effect on the performance of a solar chimney power plant. Numerical simulation of the proposed configuration shows that the speculated geometry can reduce the throttling effect of the deflected plume.

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