Thermal properties and crystallization mechanism of undoped and Nd\(^{3+}\)-doped \(\hbox {SiO}_2\)\(\hbox {Al}_2\hbox {O}_3\)–CaO–MgO glasses


The influence of composition and neodymium doping on the crystallization kinetic of calcium aluminosilicate glasses, melted under vacuum atmosphere, was investigated. Glass stability was evaluated by means of thermal events. Non-isothermal methods of Kissinger and Ozawa were used to obtain the apparent activation energy and to predict the crystallization mechanism. The isothermal method of Ray and Day was applied in order to obtain the nucleation rate type curve and the maximum nucleation temperature. In the studied glass system, surface crystallization was more favorable than bulk. By confocal Raman microscopy, it was estimated that the crystallized region was 20–30 \(\upmu\)m from surface to center of sample. This observation was further validated by structural investigation with X-ray diffraction, which showed the formation of \(\hbox {Ca}_9\hbox {Al}_6\hbox {O}_{18}\) and \(\hbox {Ca}_3\hbox {Al}_2\hbox {O}_6\) phase as a surface layer in the samples.

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