Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

, Volume 132, Issue 2, pp 947–953 | Cite as

Preparation and crystallization of isotactic polypropylene composites filled by titanium dioxide-supported montmorillonite with a β-nucleating surface

  • Xin Dai
  • Zhenxi Wang
  • Xiaohang Zhang
  • Sheng Xu
  • Shangxi Zhang
  • Meng Cao
  • Xinde Jiang


To obtain multi-functional β-iPP composites, β-iPP composites are always filled by multiple fillers with α-nucleating ability. To prepare β-iPP/TiO2/MMT composites, TiO2-supported MMT with a β-nucleating surface was prepared through hydrolysis reaction of Tetra-n-butyl titanate and chemical reaction between pimelic acid and calcium ion. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron micrograph confirmed the formation of TiO2 on the surface of MMT. The differential scanning calorimeter and X-ray diffraction illustrated that the β-iPP composites filled by TiO2 and MMT had lower relative β-phase contents than β-iPP. It is observed by polarized optical microscope that addition of TiO2-supported MMT with a β-nucleating surface into iPP can increase the spherulite nuclei density and decrease the spherulite size significantly and obtain the β-iPP/TiO2/MMT composites with high relative β-phase content.


Polypropylene β-nucleation Montmorillonite Titanium dioxide 



The authors gratefully thank the financial support from Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education Natural Science Foundation of China (GJJ171016, GJJ151095, GJJ151112, and GJJ161127), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51303074, 21706113 and 21702090), and Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (20161BAB216104).


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