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Crystallization behavior for metallocene-catalyzed isotactic polypropylene in alkane solvents of various molecular sizes

  • Zhenggang Xiao
  • Na Sun


Solution-grown lamellar crystallization of metallocene-catalyzed isotactic polypropylene (m-iPP) and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of solid m-iPP recovered from alkanes of various molecular sizes have been investigated in this paper. Observation of the precipitated m-iPP by transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction revealed that the m-iPP single crystals formed in middle-sized solvent. In addition, the sensitivity of crystallizing speed of m-iPP to cooling rates under non-isothermal crystallization process was evaluated. The results showed that m-iPP recovered from larger molecular size alkane solvent, such as n-decane and n-dodecane with the exception of n-hexadecane, was more sensitive to the change in cooling rates. And m-iPP recovered from n-decane exhibited a fastest rate of non-isothermal crystallization.


Isotactic polypropylene Single crystals Differential scanning calorimetry Crystallization rate 


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