Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

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In defense of thermodynamics

Comment on “Concepts against mathematics: self-inconsistency in thermodynamic evaluations”
  • Robert H. Swendsen


Recently, Drebushchak (J Therm Anal Calorim 103:753–759, [1]) has stated that, “Various ways of thermodynamic evaluations can yield different results, contradicting to one another,” and that, “Thermodynamics is not a rigorous mathematical science.” These are radical claims. If they were true, thermodynamics as it is now understood would have to be abandoned. In this paper, I will defend thermodynamics by demonstrating that these statements are incorrect. Thermodynamics remains a valid, self-consistent scientific theory, and we are justified in continuing to rely on its predictions.


Thermodynamics Self consistency Identities Heat capacity Ideal gas 



I would like to thank V.A. Drebushchak for bringing these issues to my attention.


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  1. 1.Physics DepartmentCarnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburghUSA

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