Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

, Volume 101, Issue 3, pp 859–863 | Cite as

Synthesis and thermal analysis of indium-based hydrotalcites of formula Mg6In2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O

  • Ray L. Frost
  • Sara J. Palmer
  • Laure-Marie Grand


Insight into the unique structure of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) has been obtained using a combination of X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis. Indium containing hydrotalcites of formula Mg4In2(CO3)(OH)12·4H2O (2:1 In-LDH) through to Mg8In2(CO3)(OH)18·4H2O (4:1 In-LDH) with variation in the Mg:In ratio have been successfully synthesised. The d(003) spacing varied from 7.83 Å for the 2:1 LDH to 8.15 Å for the 3:1 indium containing LDH. Distinct mass loss steps attributed to dehydration, dehydroxylation and decarbonation are observed for the indium containing hydrotalcite. Dehydration occurs over the temperature range ambient to 205 °C. Dehydroxylation takes place in a series of steps over the 238–277 °C temperature range. Decarbonation occurs between 763 and 795 °C. The dehydroxylation and decarbonation steps depend upon the Mg:In ratio. The formation of indium containing hydrotalcites and their thermal activation provides a method for the synthesis of indium oxide-based catalysts.


Hydrotalcite synthesis Hydrocalumite Raman spectroscopy Indium 



The financial and infra-structure support of the Queensland Research and Development Centre (QRDC-RioTintoAlcan) and the Queensland University of Technology Inorganic Materials Research Program of the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences are gratefully acknowledged. The Australian Research Council (ARC) is thanked for funding the instrumentation.


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  • Ray L. Frost
    • 1
  • Sara J. Palmer
    • 1
  • Laure-Marie Grand
    • 1
    • 2
  1. 1.Inorganic Materials Research Program, School of Physical and Chemical SciencesQueensland University of TechnologyBrisbaneAustralia
  2. 2.ENSICAENCaen Cedex 4France

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