Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

, Volume 88, Issue 1, pp 245–249 | Cite as

Effect of LaF3 admixture on thermal stability of borosilicate glasses

  • M. Środa


Oxyfluoride glass-ceramics based on the aluminosilicate glass-matrix with the nano-phase of fluoride is an interesting material for optoelectronics. A new glass from the SiO2–B2O3–Na2O–LaF3 system in which nanocrystallization of LaF3 could be obtained as well is presented.

Thermal stability of glass and the crystalline phases formed upon heat treatment were determined by DTA/DSC and XRD methods, respectively. The effect of the glass composition on thermal stability was investigated by the SEM method.

It has been found that the addition of LaF3 increases the tendency to decomposition of the borosilicate glass. In glasses with the ratio B2O3/(Na2O+3La2F6)<1 it is possible to obtain the immersed crystallization of LaF3 in transparent glassy matrix. The process is preceded by LaOF formation. Glasses with the composition B2O3/(Na2O+3La2F6)≥1 revealed the tendency to La(BSiO5) crystallization.


borosilicate glass lanthanum fluoride oxyfluoride glass thermal analysis 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Materials Science and CeramicsAGH – University of Science and TechnologyCracowPoland

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