Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

, Volume 90, Issue 3, pp 747–753 | Cite as

Dehydroxylation kinetic and exfoliation of large muscovite flakes

  • F. Gridi-Bennadji
  • P. Blanchart


The thermal transformations of muscovite flakes are a key point in many applications because besides dehydroxylation a significant exfoliation process occurs. Dehydroxylation kinetic is experimented by isothermal TG analyses in the 700–850°C temperature range and described with the Avrami theory. Hydroxyl condensation predominates at the onset of the process, but water diffusion is the most important process when the transformed fraction is high. The progressive transition between the two transformation stages contrast with the more accentuated transition for a ground muscovite. The activation energy varies weakly (190–214 kJ mol−1) in the whole transformation process that supports the co-existence of hydroxyl condensation and diffusion phenomena. Dehydroxylation kinetic increases strongly with temperature and decreases with the reaction advancement. Exfoliation is correlated with dehydroxylation kinetic and occurs in a narrow transformation and temperature ranges. An in-situ combination process of hydroxyls occurs and water vapor favors the layer expansion.


dehydroxylation exfoliation flakes muscovite 


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