Open letter to Prof. Lisardo Núñez Regueira

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Dear Lisardo,

I am sending you this letter through this issue of The Journal of Thermal Analysis dedicated to you because I do not know where you are and how to contact you. It is important to inform you about the meeting we had last July in your lovely city and your University.

Probably you remember that two summers ago, during one of my pleasant visit in Galicia you expressed the wish to have another meeting in Santiago, as we had in the past.

Few months after, a group of friends during the meeting in Zakopane decided that we had the duty to plan that meeting in your memory.

I consulted the four mosque tiers from the TERBIPROMAT group then I requested the help of your University. I must say that all my request were accepted and satisfied: the Magnifico and his co-workers said to us just ‘OK, good work‘, the Decano Felix accepted to be involved in the organization, the other faculties Farmacia and Quimicas, had not any difficulty to collaborate with us. Jean and Richard sponsored us internationally with ICTA and ISSBC and all the National Associations: Mediterranean, European, International have been helping. We also had the collaboration of all the institutions connected with Region, Province, City of Santiago, we must tell you not only the Authorities, but the single friends of you participate in the organization: Agustin, o Patatas ...and I will not report here the long list of the ‘co-workers‘. It was an honour for me that I became the ‘friend of Lisardo‘ and all your friends in town are now my friends. It was really the meeting of the City. Really with Pepe we also went to the road to Pontevedra.....

I must say that the scientific quality of the reports was very high starting from Angela who open the session in the Fonseca, and all the other eminent colleagues from all the world contributed to enhance the level of the science presented.

Obviously during the banquet, I sat at the table with the nicest looking ladies and ...sorry they were the relatives of yours!

What was wrong?Well I lengthened my ears and the complaints were: the weather was without rain during the excursion therefore an umbrella was useless, the train for the excursion had too small seats, el Coronel Manuel did not have a formal uniform and... the visit to the Crypt in the Cathedral has not cleaned all the sins committed by the visitors in their past !!

Well, all was perfect, everything was well done and planned. The real story is that we had in your name the collaboration of every friend, without exception: I do not like to forget any of them making a list; I am sure that all participants remember this third meeting organized by you: obviously we have not seen you during the these days, but your presence was constantly noted in every moment of our activity.

Yes, I will be back in Santiago, because I feel a citizen of your city to see the green and yellow wet walls of the Cathedral and I know that walking in the old streets, in the rainy nights, when everybody is sleeping I will see you in the usual corner where I met you during my stay.

See you,



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