Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

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Calorimetric analysis of the cross-linking reaction of epoxidized polybutadienes

  • Ferrero F  


Liquid polybutadienes were epoxidized with hydrogen peroxide-acetic acid confirming the influence of the microstructure on the epoxy content. Thermal cross-linking of the epoxidized products was studied by DSC and a different behaviour due to epoxy content as well as to microstructure was found. A correlation between enthalpy/epoxy ratio and vinyl content was also observed. The addition of a radical initiator as dicumyl peroxide (DCP) yielded exothermal effects of cross-linking in the original polybutadienes, confirming the higher reactivity of the vinyl groups. In the epoxidized products, the introduction of DCP gave a peak split, which was explained by the overlap of two cross-linking mechanisms, due to residual double bonds and epoxy groups. From the DSC data, the isothermal curves of cross-linking conversion were calculated as a function of time, for a better comparison of the performances and properties of the epoxidized polybutadienes.


cross-linking DSC epoxidation kinetics polybutadiene 


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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali e Ingegneria ChimicaPolitecnico di TorinoTorinoItaly

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