Electrochemical method for production of bromine-82 radiotracer in organic phase for use in oil industry


The proposed methodology was performed by means of the electrochemical oxidation reaction of bromide ions, in the chemical form of potassium bromide, by the activation of bromine-82. The results of the tests, with the radioactive material synthesized, show that the bromide ions were oxidized and fixed to the carbon chain of the lubricating oil by the halogenation process. Based on the results, the proposed methodology is feasible to produce bromine-82 radiotracer in organic phase for industrial use, with a yield of 57.94%.

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The authors acknowledge the Studies and Projects Financier (FINEP) for the financial resources provided to carry out this research. Acknowledgments to the IEN/CNEN Institute of Nuclear Engineering for making available the necessary laboratory and materials to perform this work; Acknowledgments to Service for Argonauta Reactor Service—SEREA/IEN/CNEN for activating the potassium bromine samples to supply bromine-82 and the Radiopharmaceutical Division—DIRA/IEN/CNEN for providing the Hight Purity Germanium Radiation Detector for analysis of activated samples.

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  • Electrochemistry
  • Radiotracer bromine-82
  • Organic compound labelling