In situ formed magnetic chitosan nanoparticles functionalized with polyethylenimine for effective U(VI) sorption


The polyethylenimine-functionalized magnetic chitosan nanoparticles (MCN-PEI) are synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, TEM, FT-IR, XRD, etc. The MCN-PEI exhibits a core–shell structure, and had a saturation magnetization of 18.7 emu/g (which is high enough for fast magnetic separation). The maximum U(VI) sorption capacity for MCN-PEI reaches 134.6 mg/g at pH 5.0 and 298 K. The good-fitting of both sorption kinetics by pseudo-second-order model and sorption isotherms by Langmuir model indicates chemisorption mechanism. The thermodynamic parameters indicate the spontaneous and exothermic nature for U(VI) sorption. Finally, the magnetic nano-sorbents can be efficiently desorbed by acidified EDTA solution for regeneration.

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The financial supports from National Natural Science Foundation (21667001; 21866002; 21866005; 21866006) and the Key Research and Development Program of Jiangxi Province (20192BBH80011) were acknowledged.

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