Equilibrium studies and modeling on the removal of 56Mn(II) by alumina and kaolinite

  • V. E. Badillo-Almaraz
  • C. López-Reyes
  • J. M. Soriano-Rodríguez


The removal of manganese from aqueous solutions on synthetic alumina and natural kaolinite was investigated in batch experiments as a function of pH. Experiments were carried out by using the radiotracer 56Mn, produced by neutron activation. Theoretical analysis of manganese removal was performed considering the existence of a single type of surface sites, denoted as ≡ SOH°. The uptake of manganese on kaolinite is similar to that on alumina, indicating that adsorption occurred on the variable-charged aluminol sites. Adsorption experiments suggest that ≡ AlOH° group is the most probable edge site for complexing manganese cations through mononuclear surface complexes (≡ AlOMn+) and (≡ AlOMnOH).


Sorption mechanism Manganese Alumina Kaolinite Radiotracer 56Mn 



The authors thank Juan Vidal for conducting radiochemical measurements and also acknowledge the Reactor team at ININ for their assistance in radionuclide production.


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  • V. E. Badillo-Almaraz
    • 1
  • C. López-Reyes
    • 1
  • J. M. Soriano-Rodríguez
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  1. 1.Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones NuclearesLa Marquesa OcoyoacacMexico

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