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, Volume 314, Issue 2, pp 1297–1307 | Cite as

99mTc-hexoprenaline and 131I-dapoxetine: preparation, in silico modeling and biological evaluation as promising lung scintigraphy radiopharmaceuticals

  • H. M. Rashed
  • I. T. Ibrahim
  • M. A. Motaleb


Hexoprenaline and dapoxetine (two lung selective pharmaceutical compounds) were radiolabeled to produce lung imaging radiopharmaceuticals using 99mTc and 131I, respectively. Different factors affecting labeling process were examined and optimum radiochemical purities of 91.3 ± 0.294 and 96.5 ± 0.342% were obtained, respectively. In silico molecular modeling studies for 99mTc-hexoprenaline and 131I-dapoxetine were done. Molecular modeling studies of the radiolabeled compounds examined the effect of radiolabeling on structure activity relationship for hexoprenaline and dapoxetine. Biodistribution studies in Swiss albino mice showed poor lung uptake of 99mTc-hexoprenaline and high uptake for 131I-dapoxetine (15.26 ± 0.11 and 55.82 ± 0.201%ID/g, respectively) matching the molecular modeling expectations. Consequently, 131I-dapoxetine could be a hopeful radiopharmaceutical for lung scintigraphic imaging and further studies to radiolabel hexoprenaline with 131I are recommended.


Hexoprenaline Dapoxetine Radiolabeling Molecular modeling Lung imaging radiopharmaceuticals 



Authors highly acknowledge Assist. Lecturer Mona O. Sarhan for her great help in the molecular modeling studies.

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