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Relative fission product yields in the USGS TRIGA MARK I reactor



Relative fission product yields have been determined for three sampling positions in the USGS TRIGA MARK I reactor through radiochemical analysis. The relative mass yield distribution for valley nuclides decreases with epithermal neutrons compared to thermal neutrons. Additionally, a proportionality constant which related the measured beta activity of a fission product to the number of fissions that occur in a sample of irradiated uranium was determined for the detector used in this study and used to determine the thermal and epithermal flux. These values agree well with a previous study which used activation foils to determine the flux.


Fission products K-factor R value Post-irradiation analysis Separations 



The authors would like to express their sincere thanks to the reactor staff of the GSTR for their support, funding from the Colorado School of Mines, and the NRC Faculty Development Grant program, Grant Number NRC-HQ-11-G-38-0062.


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