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Separation of no-carrier-added 97Ru from 11B-induced Y target by encapsulation of 97Ru into calcium alginate hydrogel beads



97Ru radioisotope, a promising candidate for radiopharmaceutical applications was produced by natY(11B,3n) 97Ru reaction with 40 MeV projectile energy. Calcium alginate (CA) hydrogel beads, an environmentally benign matrix, were used for separation of no-carrier-added (NCA) 97Ru from the bulk yttrium target through adsorption–desorption experiments with a high separation factor (S Ru/Y = 2.6 × 104). It was also possible to encapsulate high purity 97Ru in CA hydrogel beads.


97Ru No-carrier-added Calcium alginate hydrogel, separation 



We are thankful to the staff of BARC-TIFR pelletron, and the target laboratory of TIFR, Mumbai, for their cooperation and help. One of the authors(Kangkana Sarkar) gratefully acknowledges the University Grants Commission (UGC) for providing necessary fellowship. This work is a part of SINP-DAE 12 Five years plan project Trace and Ultratrace Analysis and Isotope Production (TULIP).


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