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, Volume 314, Issue 2, pp 781–788 | Cite as

Comparison of three methods for measuring 222Rn in drinking water

  • Ll. Pujol
  • M. E. Pérez-Zabaleta


Three techniques were used to measure 222Rn in drinking water: the degassing method followed by counting in an ionisation chamber (IC); gamma spectrometry (GS); and liquid scintillation counting (LSC). Environmental samples were measured in the field using the IC, and the same samples were measured in the laboratory using GS and LSC. The results obtained using the three techniques are compared and discussed in the context of the new Euratom Drinking Water Directive (2013/51/Euratom), which sets out general principles for monitoring radioactive substances such as radon.


Drinking water Radon measurements Liquid scintillation counting Gamma spectrometry AlphaGUARD 



The authors acknowledge economic support from the Directorate General of Water of the Spanish Ministry of the Environment, and technical support from the Douro River Basin Authority.


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  1. 1.Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas (CEDEX)MadridSpain

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