Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 314, Issue 2, pp 1177–1181 | Cite as

Radiochemical purity and stability of 99mTc-HMPAO in routine preparations

  • Licia Uccelli
  • Petra Martini
  • Micol Pasquali
  • Alessandra Boschi


The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of pH, recovery volume, type of saline solution plastic or glass container, used to prepare the technetium-99m-d,l-hexamethylpropyleneamineoxime ([99mTc]Tc-d,l-HMPAO] radiopharmaceutical starting from generator produced sodium pertechnetate in nuclear medicine routine preparations. We observed that, neither the container type, nor the pH of 0.9% NaCl, used for diluting the [99mTc]pertechnetate, influenced [99mTc]Tc-d,l-HMPAO radiochemical purity (RCP) and stability, that decreased proportionally with the final volume of the preparation. In particular, the RCP of 1 mL kits preparations, at 30 min was found to be less than 80%.


Technetium-99m-d,l-hexamethylpropyleneamineoxime Radiolabeling Brain imaging Radiochemical purity Radiopharmaceuticals 



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  1. 1.Morphology, Surgery and Experimental Medicine DepartmentUniversity of FerraraFerraraItaly
  2. 2.Physics and Heart Science DepartmentUniversity of FerraraFerraraItaly
  3. 3.Legnaro National LaboratoriesItalian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (LNL-INFN)LegnaroItaly

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