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Table 5 Neutron spectrum parameters and characterization methods as provided by the participants for the various irradiation facilities used

From: Estimation of 99Mo production rates from natural molybdenum in research reactors

Participant country, facility Neutron spectrum characterization method Φ 0 (cm−2s−1) Φ e (1 eV) (cm−2s−1) Φ e (integral) (cm−2s−1) E min (eV) E max (eV) α F R Cd Saturation activity (Ci/g)
Chile Not specified 4.76E+12 4.15E+10        3.72E02
Egypt Au+Zr 2.80E+11 1.12E+09     0.180 250   1.62E−03
Hungary Au+Zr 9.37E+13 3.86E+12     −0.038    1.84E+00
India Monte Carlo 3.60E+13 4.26E+11 6.00E+12 0.625 8.21E+05     3.13E−01
Kazakhstan Estimated 6.50E+13 0.00E+00        3.47E−01
Korea Monte Carlo 6.78E+13 1.21E+11 1.45E+12 0.625 1.00E+05     3.97E−01
Malaysia Au, Cd-cover 7.99E+12 1.54E+11       4.30 8.64E−02
Mexico Not specified 2.78E+13 1.56E+11 1.87E+12       1.93E−01
Morocco Au+Zr, Au+Cr+Mo 6.40E+12 2.85E+11     −0.020 22.5   1.15E−01
Netherlands BigBeBe Au+Cr+Mo 2.40E+13 1.73E+12     0.000 13.9   6.18E−01
Netherlands BP3 Au+Cr+Mo 5.55E+12 6.97E+10     0.040 79.65   4.57E−02
Peru Au+Mo+Co+Lu 6.76E+12 1.62E+11     0.071 40   6.94E−02
Portugal Au, Cd-cover 1.90E+12 1.80E+10     0.061 42   1.53E−02
Romania Monte Carlo 1.20E+13 2.88E+11     0.012 41.65 3.61 1.41E−01
Slovenia Au+Zr, Cd-cover 1.04E+12 3.85E+10     −0.004 27.11   1.67E−02
Ukraine Monte Carlo 1.84E+14 9.85E+11       12.9 1.26E+00
Uzbekistan Not specified 3.70E+13 4.65E+11      79.65   3.29E−01
Vietnam beam Au+Mo+W, Cd-cover 1.60E+06 2.43E+02       420 8.62E−09
Vietnam trap Au+Mo+W, Cd-cover 1.46E+13 1.28E+11     −0.083 114.3 7.29 1.34E−01
  1. Values in bold italics were calculated from the other data in the table with the equations given in this paper