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Comparison of k 0 NAA analysis results of four different reference materials using six various materials for comparator factor calculation


This study compares the analytical performance of several existing materials as k 0-NAA comparator materials (Al-0.1 % Au, Al-0.1 % Ag, Al-1.0 % Co and Al-2.0 % Sc) with the new Al-0.1 % Au material (ERM-EB530). Trace elements in four reference materials (bakelite, fly ash, biological tissue and sediments) were analysed by k 0-NAA using IRMM-530, IRMM-530R, ERM-EB530, IRMM-533, IRMM-528R and IRMM-534 as comparator material. The different k 0-NAA comparators gave reliable, precise and accurate results for all elements and matrices. The study demonstrated that the new Al-0.1 % Au comparator (ERM-EB530) is fit for k 0-NAA and that switching from IRMM-530 or IRMM-530R to ERM-EB530 should not lead to changes in k 0-NAA results.

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The Authors would like to thank K. Smits for doing the many measurements and calculations required for this work.

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  • k 0-NAA
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