Cementation of liquid radioactive waste with high content of borate salts

  • Olga Gorbunova


There are physical and chemical methods which allow accelerating the processes of cement compounds setting and hardening for liquid radioactive waste with aqueous solutions of boron with low pH. Boron compounds with low pH are the main components of liquid radioactive waste which prevent fast hardening. In order to control the speed of cement solution hardening and to remove the components that prevent hardening it is proposed to use electromagnetic treatment of liquid radioactive waste in the vortex layer of ferromagnetic particles.


Liquid radioactive waste (LRW) Borate salts Cementation Electromagnetic treatment in the vortex layer of ferromagnetic particles (VET) High-silica additives Leaching rate of 137Cs 



The authoress express his sincere gratitude to Mrs. Irina Kraeva, Mr. Evgeny Vasilyev, Mr. Vladimir Panushkin, Ph.D. Viktoria Krupskaya for carrying out the primary analyses, to Mr. Mikhail Fedotov for providing samples of iron oxide nanoparticles for the experiments, and to Mrs. Aneliya Vitanova and Mrs. Ella Barinova for the help in translation of the article in English.


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  1. 1.Federal State Unitary Enterprise “RADON” of State Corporation ROSATOMMoscowRussia

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