Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 302, Issue 1, pp 441–449 | Cite as

Utilization of low-cost sorbent for removal and separation of 134Cs, 60Co and 152+154Eu radionuclides from aqueous solution

  • S. S. Metwally
  • R. R. Ayoub
  • H. F. Aly


Eggshell material was used as low-cost and eco-friendly biosorbent for removal of 134Cs, 60Co and 152+154Eu radionuclides from aqueous solution. The eggshell material was calcined at 500 and 800 °C, and then characterized. Comparative studies on the natural and calcined eggshell for sorption of the three radionuclides were carried out. It was found that, the uptake is in the order: Eu(III) > Co(II) > Cs(I). Further, column chromatography was used in separation of 134Cs, 60Co and 152+154Eu using 0.15, 0.2 and 0.5 mol/l nitric acid, respectively. Eggshell material can be considered as a promising material for separation of radionuclides from radioactive waste solution.


Eggshell Sorption Column Separation 

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