Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 299, Issue 2, pp 981–987 | Cite as

Centrifugal enrichment of nickel isotopes and their application to the development of new technologies

  • A. N. Cheltsov
  • L. Yu. Sosnin
  • V. K. Khamylov


This work contains the results of the research on centrifugal enrichment of all stable nickel isotopes. Non-steady-state separation methods were used for the effective extraction of isotopes 62Ni and 64Ni. The results of the experimental batches of the enriched isotopes of nickel are presented in the article. The technique of synthesis of tetrafluophosphine—Ni(PF3)4 is considered. The results of the research of the process of thermo decomposition of Ni(PF3)4 in metal form are presented. As a result of this work, for the first time in the world, we obtained (by centrifuge enrichment process) tens of grams quantities of all isotopes of nickel at high enrichment.


Centrifugation Isotope separation Non-steady-state Method of reduction of the remainder 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. N. Cheltsov
    • 1
    • 3
  • L. Yu. Sosnin
    • 1
    • 4
  • V. K. Khamylov
    • 2
    • 5
  1. 1.RRC “Kurchatov Institute”MoscowRussia
  2. 2.Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic ChemistryRussian Academy of SciencesNizhny NovgorodRussia
  3. 3.MoskowRussia
  4. 4.MoskowRussia
  5. 5.Nizhny NovgorodRussia

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