Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 299, Issue 3, pp 1209–1212 | Cite as

Synthesis of radioactive gold nanoparticle in surfactant medium

  • Swadesh Mandal


The present study describes the synthesis of radioactive gold nanoparticle in surfactant medium. Proton irradiated stable 197Au and radioactive 198Au were simultaneously used for production of radioactive gold nanoparticle. Face centered cubic gold nanoparticles with size of 4–50 nm were found in proton irradiated gold foil. However, the size of nanoparticle varies with pH using both stable and radioactive gold.


Radioactive gold nanoparticle 198Au 196Au Triton X-114 



The author sincerely acknowledges to the Trace Ultra Trace Analysis and Isotope Production (TULIP) SINP-DAE XII 5-year plan project. Special thanks to the Professor Susanta Lahiri for his remarkable support to prepare this manuscript, E.M group for the study of TEM images, and ECMP Division to the study of the XRD.


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  1. 1.Chemical Sciences DivisionSaha Institute of Nuclear PhysicsKolkataIndia

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