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Radioactivity concentrations in sediment and mussel of Bosphorus and Golden Horn

  • Önder Kılıç
  • Yavuz Çotuk


In the present study, mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis, Lamarck, 1819) and sediment samples were collected from the Bosphorus strait and the Golden Horn estuary in 2008 and 2009. Activity concentrations of 137Cs, 40K, 232Th and 238U were measured using a gamma spectrometer equipped with HPGe detector. Sediment samples were separated into <63 μm and >63 μm particle fractions. Analysis of radionuclides was carried out on these two fractions of sediment as well as the soft and shell tissues of mussels. Ranges of radioactivity concentrations in the soft parts of mussels were as follows: 137Cs, 0.86–2.43; 40K: 261.1–496.7; 232Th: 0.49–3.58; and 238U: BDL (below detection limit)-1.38 Bq kg−1 in dry weight. Ranges of radioactivity concentrations in the <63 and >63 sediment fractions were as follows: 137Cs, 8.58–67.92 and 1.12–26.40, 40K, 341.4–683.0 and 281.9–662.2; 232Th, 10.97–20.16 and 7.18–19.18 and 238U, 13.97–27.25 and 6.41–18 Bq kg−1 in dry weight, respectively. The effect of some physical–chemical parameters on the radionuclide accumulation was also examined in the sediment samples. All data in the current study were compared with data in the literature.


137Cs Natural radionuclides Mussels Sediment Bosphorus Golden Horn 



The authors are grateful to Dr. Murat Belivermiş and Dr. Sayhan Topçuoğlu for their assistance and helpful comments. This work was supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Istanbul University, project number: 2880.


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