Determination of Pu, Am, U and Cs in large soil samples in the vicinity of the USDOE Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

  • P. Thakur
  • G. P. Mulholland


The determination of actinides in environmental soil and sediment samples are very important for environmental monitoring. A rapid actinide separation method has been developed and implemented that allows measurement of U, Pu and Am isotopes in large soil samples (10–15 g) with high chemical yields and effective removal of matrix interferences. The radiochemical procedures involve the total dissolution of soil samples, separation on anion-exchange resin, and separation and purification by extraction chromatography, e.g., UTEVA, TEVA, and TRU with measurements of radionuclides by alpha-spectrometry. The validation of the method is performed through the analysis of reference materials or by participating in laboratory intercomparison programs.


Large soil Actinide UTEVA TEVA TRU 



This research was supported by a grant from the US Department of Energy, Carlsbad Field Office.


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