Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 274, Issue 2, pp 271–276 | Cite as

Ion-exchange studies of 110mAg(I) using synthetic inorganic ion-exchanger

  • N. B. Dubey
  • H. K. Bagla


In the present investigation, the selective adsorption of silver on synthetic inorganic ion exchanger, zinc(II) ferrocyanide, has been established by batch method, under specific conditions, using 110mAg as a tracer. The efficiency of adsorption has been determined by γ-ray spectrometry and was found to be greater than 96%. The Ag(I) uptake by the exchanger has also been evaluated. The selectivity of the method was checked by studying the adsorption of Ag(I) in the presence of a number of foreign ions using their corresponding tracers. The interfering ions were removed by washing the ion-exchanger with appropriate reagents, so that it could be applied for the determination of trace amount of Ag(I) in complex matrices, containing trace amount of other metal ions.


Ferrocyanide Selective Adsorption Batch Method Antimonate Percentage Adsorption 
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  1. 1.Nuclear and Radiochemistry LaboratoryK. C. CollegeMumbaiIndia

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