Determination of the gamma self-attenuation correction factors using intensity ratios

  • Kh. Haddad
  • H. Suman


The possible correlation between the self-attenuation correction in gamma-spectrometric assay of uranyl nitrate samples and spectral line intensity ratios was investigated experimentally and simulated numerically using MCNP code. The characteristic gamma- and X-lines of uranium were measured using a low energy Ge gamma-spectrometer. The simulation results agreed with the experimental data and showed obvious correlation between the self-attenuation correction and the intensity ratios [(185.7 keV)/(143.8 keV), (98.44 keV)/(185.7 keV) and (185.7 keV)/(63.23 keV)]. This correlation greatly simplifies the determination of the self-attenuation correction and reduces the troublesome traditional procedures used to determine this coefficient.


Experimental Data Nitrate Physical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Uranium 
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  • Kh. Haddad
    • 1
  • H. Suman
    • 2
  1. 1.Atomic Energy Commission
  2. 2.Atomic Energy Commission

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