Spline and polynomial models of the efficiency function for Ge gamma-ray detectors in a wide energy range

  • T. Belgya


In one of our recent papers, the applicability of linear parameter functions for fitting the full-energy peak efficiency of n-type Ge gamma-ray detectors has been examined over a wide energy range of 50-8500 keV. In that paper we compared six different analytical functions and showed that higher-order polynomial functions on a log-log scale gave the best performance. However, there is a drawback to using the log-log scale when an additive function of efficiency at different energies or of the inverse efficiency has to be used in a fitting procedure. In the present study, the applicability of higher-order polynomial and spline functions to linear and inverse efficiency, but logarithmic energy scales, is examined.


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  • T. Belgya
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  1. 1.Institiute of Isotopes and Surface Chemistry, Chemical Research Centre of the HAS

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