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Study on morphology, thermal, mechanical and Cd(II) adsorption properties of PVC/α-MnO2-stearic acid nanocomposites: production and application

  • Amir Abdolmaleki
  • Shadpour Mallakpour
  • Hashem Tabebordbar


Alpha manganese dioxide nanorods (α-MnO2) were successfully functionalized with stearic acid (SA) by solvothermal method to prevent agglomeration. The α-MnO2-SA nanorods were employed as a filler for the preparation of poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) nanocomposite (NC) films with different percentages (1, 3 and 5 wt%). The morphology, mechanical and thermal properties of the obtained NCs were investigated. The results showed that α-MnO2-SA can effectively improve the properties of PVC. The enhancement in properties of the NCs was attributed to the improved interfacial bonding by modification. Also, these NCs were used as adsorbent for removal of cadmium ions. Our finding suggests that the PVC/α-MnO2-SA NCs are good candidates for efficient Cd(ІІ) removal from the wastewater.


Nanocomposites Poly(vinyl chloride) α-MnO2 nanorod Stearic acid Cd(ІІ) adsorption 



The authors appreciatively acknowledge the financial support of the Research Affairs Division, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran. Further financial support from National Elite Foundation (NEF) of Iran, and Center of Excellence in Sensors and Green Chemistry also thankfully acknowledged.


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  1. 1.Organic Polymer Chemistry Research Laboratory, Department of ChemistryIsfahan University of TechnologyIsfahanIslamic Republic of Iran
  2. 2.Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials InstituteIsfahan University of TechnologyIsfahanIslamic Republic of Iran

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